RAKWCCM Ras Al Khaimah Company for White Cement & Construction Materials

image Ras Al Khaimah Co. For White Cement & Construction Materials (RAKWCCM) is a group of companies was founded by an Emire decree in 1980, located in Ras Al Khaimah Northern UAE Emirate, overlooking Arabian Gulf and embraced by world’s renowned Hajjar mountains of Ras Al Khaimah offering best quality limestone to our diversified industries. The group of companies enjoys a unique location, close to main source of raw materials, proximity to largest general cargo and break bulk port within Arabian Gulf (Port of Mina Saqr) enabling and offering our high quality to the export market, also close to network of roads which facilitates the inland movement to UAE.

Latest News

Modern Block Factory updates

The second line is now fully operational bringing maximum total capacity to 120,000 blocks daily (both plants) in addition to 900 meters of kerb-stones daily production.

Our team is presently active in supplying and fixing our products to Island #1 @ Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah.

In addition, we have now expanded our markets to include Oman, especially Dibba & Mussandam.


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Upgrades to Kiln Line No.1

RAK White Cement Kiln No.1 was stopped for upgrading works by 1st March 2104. The expected date of commissioning the line is 1st July 2014. The capacity enhancement is from 450 tons per day to 900 tons per day.

The heat consumption for Kiln Line No.1 after upgrading will be reduced from 1370 Kcal/kg of clinker to 1045 Kcal/kg of clinker.

As a result of upgrading Kiln Line No.1, we shall acquire production of 2500 tons per day from white cement Kilns.

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Inauguration of Kiln II up gradation works

H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Humaid Al Qassemi has inaugurated the upgrading works of Kiln II basically supplied by Messrs. Taiheyio Engineering back in 1985, relevant work started March 1st,2013 and fired the kiln on July 8th,2013 with total investment amount of Mio AED65.0 The above mentioned upgrade will help our company to increase its annual white clinker production capacity by MT 150,000.

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Anti – Dumping duties to Subcontinent India finally came to an end

We would like to announce that as of June 9th,2013, Ras Al Khaimah Co. For White Cement has won the anti-dumping case regarding white cement exports to Sub-continent India which was previously imposed by DGAD back in 2001.

Earlier, Ras Al Khaimah Co. For White Cement exports to India were subjected to 32USD/MT as Anti-Dumping Margin. However, and after thorough work and follow-up with various governmental bodies and institutes in UAE & Sub-Continent India, the referenced value was finally withdrawn.

Executive management would like to thank and congratulate all company employess and sincerely hoping that this would be a launching pad towards more success.

Official notification


Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

(Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties)

Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Recommendation – Article 99

“After having concluded in the earlier paragraphs that non continuation of anti

dumping duties will not lead to likelihood of continuation or recurrence of dumping and

injury to the domestic industry, the Authority recommends not to continue the anti dumping

duties on the imports of the subject goods from the subject countries which were imposed by

the Central Government vide Notification No 99/2001-Customs dated 3rd October, 2001, and

extended vide Notification No 56/2007-Customs dated 12th April 2007 and further extended

up to 11th April 2013 by vide Notification No.28/2012-Customs (ADD) dated 21st May”



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services_pic Responsible corporate governance Under the new management, Ras Al Khaimah Co. For White Cement & Construction Materials undertook a reorientation of its Group strategy. Management cultures characterized by openness, honesty, rapid implementation and proactive decision-making created the new vision. The three companies are a perfect match in terms of their fundamental corporate values. This includes an appreciation of responsible corporate governance. Today, these shared values bind our operating companies together despite the different cultures within. Uniform guidelines form the basis for

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